Damn this game is beautiful #destiny #ps4

Damn this game is beautiful #destiny #ps4

ONEQ illustraions

Japanese illustrator ONEQ melds Japanese and American art styles in her manga-inspired works. Her hyper-saturated portraits of voluptuous women take a cue from a number of influences, from Japanese pop artist Rockin’ Jelly Bean to American comic artist Simon Bisley. ONEQ lives and works in Kumamoto, Japan.

Sweet as

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Last night as a part of my Birthday, my wife and I went to see Transformers Age of Extinction. This is number 4 in the series done by Micheal Bay, I didn’t know it went for 3 hours, but being one of two choices for films showing I was keen to see it. Being that my wife and I,  have kids and also I work weekends we don’t get many times to go to see a film and have a date night. After T3 I was like i am over Micheal Bay movies and also Transformers, but this has dragged me back in :) any movie which has Dinobots :D is a winner to me, yes i am a big kid. 

Points of the movie i liked, 1) there was a story!!! like Number 1 there was some story line to it and seems to keep rolling well. 2) The humans, thank god they tossed off the the old crew and started a fresh with a new crew has done wonders for the series 3) DINOBOTS…. they were amazing and so smooth within the movie. 4) Optimus Prime :) loves how at the start on the movie Optimus was gen 1 style looking and then changed to a sweet new looking truck with sick flame paint work. 5) Galvatron.. Well Hello $$$ and now can kick on with T5 and T6. 

Overall i am so damn glad they pulled off this and with a good story line to the movie, glad that they got Mark Wahlberg to play main role, and the 3 others whom backed him up were great. Thank god they tossed off Shia LaBeouf, i really really hate him lol. The Decepticons and there humans side kicks where great also, the end leaves open for more movies to come. Cant wait till this movie comes out on DVD and have a movie night with my son because he will love this one. 4 out of 5 DirtyHarrys.


Trainers can enjoy Hoenn adventures beginning November 21, paving the way for fans to collect, train, and battle. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are said to tap into the most mysterious world of Pokemon, and carry a chronicle that draws closer to the deep secrets behind mega evolution. Long ago, there appeared two Pokemon of fearsome power: Groudon and Kyogre. When the former howled, the ground swelled, the sun blazed, and the earth was enveloped in incandescent heat. When the latter roared, the waters spread, dark clouds enshrouded the oceans, and the deluge fell upon all. Consisting of a large island that stretches vastly from east to west, and small islets peppered around the deep blue sea, Hoenn is the perfect setting for an exciting journey.

Red and Blue, by Alexandre Ka.


sooo sad…. and wet….



sooo sad…. and wet….


This is the coolest thing ever


Hot Dog Heroes: Justice League

Created by Christian Jackson




A Mapped History of A Song of Ice and Fire by u/hotbrownDoubleDouble

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Batman character design throughout the Arkham series